We are a group of passionate students from Sparhawk School in Amesbury, Massachusetts trying to raise awareness about the health of the planet. Our school has us take a course called Project Based Learning (PBL), where we work together as a group to complete a big final project. Our PBL class is based on climate change and finding ways to help our planet. Climate change has been a worldwide problem for more than 60 years, and if we don't take action there will be no hope for future generations. We want to be part of a revolution and impact climate policy and we believed that the best way to start was by creating a website. Our goal with this website is to inform others about the problem and to reach as many people as possible. Hopefully by providing information about climate change can make people realize how severe this problem is and how worse it can be in the future.

We believe that no action is too small and together we can make a change for our world.

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